Bitcoin Policy UK brings together the community, policy makers, environmentalists, businesses, energy producers and Bitcoiners to explore how we might utilise this groundbreaking technology to support UK households, businesses and our communities in a sustainable and innovative way.

​Over the last decade there has been an increasing amount of interest in bitcoin in the UK. Businesses are building, individuals are investing, environmentalists are exploring bitcoin mining and UK policy makers are exploring how to enact sensible regulation to capitalise on this opportunity to the benefit of the UK. 

​In October 2022 the Edinburgh hosted the UK's first bitcoin-only conference organised by The Bitcoin Collective. This conference provided the first large-scale event where bitcoin businesses, policy makers, bitcoin artists and musicians, academics and the general public could come together to listen to world-renowned speakers in the bitcoin space from across the globe.

The Bitcoin Policy UK team met at the conference and inspired by the opportunity that bitcoin presents for the UK, we decided to create an organisation to bring our community together to work on this shared mission.

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Powering a sustainable UK economy with Bitcoin bitcoinpolicyuk@nostrplebs.com npub1z74dj8y9xgq3lmz3eyvarzmwxwllhuzewz2exwz5j57tf6jssmss9pd4yx


Powering a sustainable UK economy with Bitcoin